Zwift launches Racing League

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Written By James Quilter

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It has been stated in the press that the new Zwift Racing League has been introduced, however, there has been a lack of information regarding it.

This sort of thing has never been done on Zwift, so there are a few elements to work out. But this is what is out there. 

Zwift has contracted with WTRL to manage the Open Division, which is open to all riders. For the invitational Premier Division league, Zwift Esports is doing this as it has for its previous invite-only events. 

When Zwift Racing will be happening

Open Division will run for ten weeks from 13 October to 15 December. Signups begin 1 October.

Races will be every Tuesday. Each week the race will swap between a scratch race and a Team Time Trial. WTRL’s very popular Thursday TTTs will continue uninterrupted.

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Open Division will run for ten weeks, from 13 October to 15 December. Signups begin on 1 October.

Premier Division will run for eight weeks, from 13 October to 1 December.

Open Division events will have multiple timeslots to satisfy all time zones. There will be a time slot which targets the Asia-Pacific region, another for Europe, and one or two timeslots for the Americas. Times are still being finalized.

How the teams will be organized

The main league is team-based, with rankings based on accumulated team points. It has been reported for sections during events such as sprints, KOMs, and finishing order.

Meanwhile, Open Division races will be for a max of 6 riders each race. Teams can register when they like during the season but miss out on points for any races they didn’t take part in. 

The Premier Division is region agnostic, with a single time slot.

Open Divisions. Power outputs will be used to categorize Open Divisions. 

Want to give it a go?

Obviously, the Premier League is out of reach for most of us. But if you want to have a try, even the Open Division will be pretty tough.

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