Dust in the Wind Zwift Route Review

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Written By James Quilter

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One of the longer routes on Zwift is Dust in the Wind, which leads riders through a parched, sandy terrain dotted with dunes and towering sandstone formations.

There will be a bit of climbing but nothing too tasty.

The Dust in the Wind course is challenging but not impossible – it takes about 1.5-to-2 hours of riding time at an average of 180w.

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It’s around 52 km. It’s the Fuego Flats Reverse twice plus the Titans Grove reverse KOM.

It’s a longish ride but fairly flat. There are some climbs but nothing but big – all in all it’s around 600-metres.

Tip – Personally this route is great if you want to train in a particular HR zone. Things don’t change too much and I could stay in Zone 1-2 pretty easily without losing rhythm.

Dust in the Wind in Detail

First, turn left off of Fuego Flats into Titans Grove reverse. You’ll ride through Titans Grove (north to south). The Strava segment will start at the top of the climb in Titans Grove.

Be aware you may need to turn back at the spawn point to go through the arch. There have been some complaints from riders about not receiving the badge.

Descend from the KOM, finish your ride through the redwoods, then turn right and descend down to Ocean Boulevard. Take Ocean Boulevard until you hang a left at the windmills to head to the Mayan Jungle.

dust-in-the-wind-full-map Dust in the Wind Zwift Route Review

Ride the Jungle loop counter-clockwise. Then, climb out and return the way you came. Turn right when you hit Ocean Boulevard at the windmills, riding toward downtown Watopia. But before you reach downtown, you take a right toward Fuego Flats

After crossing the bridge, turn right into Titans Grove and keep riding in the same direction.

Turn left and cross a creek bed (Saddle Springs). Lastly take your bike into the desert before finishing at the rock arch finish

Best Bike for Zwift Dust in the Wind

Bit of a tip.

Switch to a mountain bike for the jungle course. Mountain bikes are best at riding on dirt or gravel, then switch back to a road bike. The change will add 15 seconds, so add one minute if you want to find out if it’s worth it.

The Kona Honzo is an excellent choice for Zwift Dust in the Wind because it’s fairly light.

It is also light enough to keep up with other racers who are riding carbon frames.

The Trek Supercaliber MTB is a bike that handles well on any terrain. It is quick on Zwift, and it really rips up the gravel.