Top Zwift Routes in Watopia You (Simply) Must Do

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Discover a world of diversity in Watopia, the first and most diverse realm in Zwift. Its array of pathways caters to all types of cyclists – whether you seek a leisurely ride, a rigorous exercise, or a picturesque journey. Let’s delve into the best routes that make Watopia a virtual haven for cycling.

Here’s our pick of the Zwift routes in Watopia that we think you should do. Difficulty included for reference!

Route NameDifficulty (1-5)Climbing (m)Distance (km)
Watopia’s Hilly Route31009.1
Watopia’s Flat Route1010.3
Watopia’s Mountain Route468229.5
Watopia’s Figure 8 Route323429.8
Watopia’s Volcano Circuit2174.1
Watopia’s Volcano Flat Route1012.3
Watopia’s Sand and Sequoias Route22022.1
Watopia’s Jungle Circuit2807.9
Watopia’s Big Loop466442.8
Watopia’s Road to Ruins210030.6
Watopia’s Mountain 8 Route440732.1
Watopia’s Volcano Climb Route317322.8
Watopia’s Epic KOM Route441434.5
Watopia’s Tour of Fire and Ice5116625.5
Watopia’s The Pretzel Route5133472.2
Watopia’s Alpe du Zwift Route5103612.2

Hilly Route

Difficulty: 3

Embark on a challenge with Watopia’s Hilly Route, a favorite among riders seeking to test their climbing legs. With a mix of rolling hills and short, sharp ascents, this route provides a great workout while offering stunning views of Watopia’s landscapes.

Flat Route

Difficulty: 1

Perfect for speed demons and those looking to clock in some fast, uninterrupted miles, Watopia’s Flat Route is as straightforward as they come. Ideal for tempo rides or recovery spins, the flat terrain lets you focus on your speed and cadence without the interruption of significant climbs.

Mountain Route

Difficulty: 4

Conquer the peaks of Watopia on the Mountain Route. This climb-heavy path will take you high into the virtual skies, challenging even the most seasoned climbers. With breathtaking vistas and grueling gradients, it’s a route that rewards with both views and a sense of accomplishment.

Figure 8 Route

Difficulty: 3

Watopia’s Figure 8 Route combines the best of both worlds: endurance flats and challenging climbs. Loop around the island for a varied workout that keeps your ride interesting and engaging from start to finish.

Watopia’s Volcano Circuit

Difficulty: 2

Dive into the heart of Watopia’s fiery core on the Volcano Circuit. Circumnavigate the smoldering volcano and enjoy a visually spectacular and pleasantly flat ride, making it suitable for riders looking to rack up laps in a unique environment.

Volcano Flat Route

Difficulty: 1

Take a tour around the base of the iconic volcano without the leg-burning climb on Watopia’s Volcano Flat Route. It’s a fantastic option for those who prefer keeping their rides on even terrain while soaking in the volcanic vistas.

Sand and Sequoias Route

Difficulty: 2

Experience the diversity of Watopia’s terrain with a ride through the Sand and Sequoias Route, which takes you from the desert flats to the towering sequoia forests. It’s a visually stunning ride that also provides a balanced workout.

Jungle Circuit

Difficulty: 2

Venture into the lush rainforest on Watopia’s Jungle Circuit. This exotic loop takes you on a rolling journey through the misty jungle, where you can spot ancient ruins and wild animals along the way.

Big Loop

Difficulty: 4

The aptly named Watopia’s Big Loop takes you on an extensive tour of the island, challenging you with every type of terrain Watopia has to offer. Be warned, it will also seem incredibly hilly and take on more than the Epic KOM.

Prepare for a long ride that serves as an excellent endurance test.

Road to Ruins

Difficulty: 2

Explore the ancient mysteries of Watopia on the Road to Ruins. Travel from the Italian-inspired villas to the overgrown Mayan ruins in this route that combines cultural landmarks with natural beauty.

Mountain 8 Route

Difficulty: 4

Watopia’s Mountain 8 Route is a figure-eight that includes Watopia’s iconic climbs, offering a hefty elevation gain for those looking to push their limits. The panoramic views from the top are the ultimate reward for your hard work.

Volcano Climb Route

Difficulty: 3

Ascend the fiery slopes with Watopia’s Volcano Climb Route. This path leads you up the challenging volcano climb, where you can test your climbing prowess and earn bragging rights.

Epic KOM Route

Difficulty: 4

Prepare to face the mountain on the Epic KOM Route, where you’ll tackle Watopia’s longest climb. Reaching the summit requires strength and determination, making this route a true badge of honor for Zwift climbers.

Tour of Fire and Ice

Difficulty: 5

Watopia’s Tour of Fire and Ice takes you from the volcano’s heat to Alpe du Zwift’s chilling heights. This contrast-filled route is both a visual and physical adventure, pushing you through diverse environments and demanding efforts.

The Pretzel Route

Difficulty: 5

For a ride that twists and turns through nearly all of Watopia’s regions, take on The Pretzel Route. It’s a demanding course that will have you climbing, descending, and sprinting your way through a comprehensive tour of the virtual island.

Watopia’s Alpe du Zwift Route

Difficulty: 5

Finally, for the ultimate climbing challenge, there’s Watopia’s Alpe du Zwift Route. Inspired by the legendary Alpe d’Huez, this route takes you up a relentless series of switchbacks to the highest point in Watopia.

Give Them a Try

In short, these Zwift routes in Watopia are essential for every rider because they cater to all cycling needs. Whether it’s improving endurance, practicing climbs, or enjoying a leisurely ride, each route offers a unique challenge and experience. They are perfect for cyclists of all levels to enhance their skills and enjoy the diversity of virtual cycling. For a well-rounded Zwift experience, trying out these routes is a must.