Hitting the Uber Pretzel Route on Zwift

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Written By James Quilter

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The Uber Pretzel route is one of the most challenging courses on Zwift – it’s considered a real challenge. It’s definitely not an easy ride.

If you want a route badge to show off, this is probably the one to get. In fact, only the Prudential Ride London (PRL) is longer. 

But the PRL is psychologically easier. There you just do the laps.

Screenshot-2022-02-01-220452 Hitting the Uber Pretzel Route on Zwift

The Uber Pretzel just drags on. It is all about getting through the route. And the route just goes on and on – climb after climb. 

So with that in mind, let’s have a look at the Uber Pretzel route and how to get around it. By the way, if you want to check out some other world’s check out the Zwift Calendar page.

uber-pretzel-badge Hitting the Uber Pretzel Route on Zwift
7 hours in the saddle…

What it entails: 

  • Distance: 128.3 km (79.7 miles) 
  • Elevation: 2335 m (7,661‘)

Key highlights: 

volcano Hitting the Uber Pretzel Route on Zwift
The Volcano is the least of your problems

The Uber Pretzel route overview  

First things first, you need to have level six or above to ride the route in free ride mode. However, if you don’t have this level, you can take it on as part of a group ride.

You start off at the events section in downtown Watopia. 

First off on the chair is Epic KOM, which then leads up to the radio tower climb.

You don’t head down to the Jungle where are you do a lap, before heading across to the Volcano and back via the Esses. 

Next on the list is the Hilly KOM before heading back through Fuego Flats (again). 

Then it’s back to Ocean Boulevard before heading up Alpes du Zwift for the finale. 

Make sure you bring some water. 

Epic-KOM-Radio-Tower Hitting the Uber Pretzel Route on Zwift
Epic KOM as a leg warmer upper

Riding the Uber Pretzel – a personal view

First things first so yourself out with some food and a full water bottle. Also, be ready to jump off the bike at a pre-designated point.

You are going to struggle if you want to do this in one go.

Set the first thing you will hit is the Epic KOM.

Now I have a weird relationship with this one. In some ways I find it harder than some of the big ones like Alpe du Zwift. I think it is because of the gradient changes and the super steep climb up to the Radio Tower.

The next stage that sticks out is the 15km-long Fuego Flats. If you have ever done a time trial on Zwift the chances are at least one will have happened here.

It’s pretty flat, so you can hit a rhythm. One issue in doing the climbs is the continual change in resistance.

I’ll be honest at this point a lot of the route is about wearing you down. The climbs after the Epic Kom are not too bad.

The Volcano goes on longer than you think it should. But the Hilly KOM it’s over before you know it.

In fact half of the 2335 m of climbing come on Alpe du Zwift at the end. One nice thing though, at the top I’ve got a new pair of socks on the Wheel of Fortune.

Getting to the end – how long? 

At the end, your ride time will be around 6 to 7 hours. I will definitely advise getting off the bike at some stage and having a rest just like you would if you were out on a club ride.

Yes it’s shattering. But for me the actual issue is boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zwift but this is simply too long to sit on the bike trainer.

And don’t end up like this poor soul.

Maybe I just need to decorate my garage a bit more.


How long is the Uber Pretzel route in Zwift?

The Uber Pretzel route in Zwift is128.3 km (79.7 miles) long. 

What is the hardest route on Zwift?

It has to be the Uber Pretzel. The PRL is close, but the Uber Pretzel is will drain you dry.