30 30 Interval Training For Indoor Cycling

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Sometimes with cycling training it’s not about sweat and the effort. 

It’s about time and making the most of it.

So 30 30 interval training for indoor cycling is a great way to improve your cycling performance in a short amount of time.

TLDR; it involves 30 seconds of high-intensity interval training, followed by a 30 second rest period. By doing this for just 30 minutes, you can see improvements in your endurance and cycling performance.

It’s an excellent alternative to outdoor riding during the winter months.

And it means you can do it quickly without missing key time with the special people in your life. 

Here we look at how to do it, the benefits, and what’s available on Rouvy and Zwift.

Why 30 30 training is great

The 30 seconds of high-intensity cycling is enough to get your heart rate up, and the 30 second recovery periods allows you to recover before starting the next interval. This type of training can be done indoors, so it’s perfect for busy cyclists who don’t have time to go for a long ride outdoors.

Interval training cycling can help you improve your endurance and speed

It allows you to perform at a higher intensity, which will increase your aerobic capacity. This means that 30 30 interval cycling will improve both your endurance and speed.

30 30 training also simulates hill repeats to gain speed and power. It’s a safe workout option for cyclists of all levels, so you can use it to get in better shape before starting more intense workouts.

Can it improve anaerobic capacity?

There is some evidence to suggest that 30 30 interval training can improve anaerobic capacity. Anaerobic capacity is the maximum amount of energy you can produce without oxygen.

This type of energy production is important for cyclists, as it allows them to generate more power during short bursts of activity.

It may not be as effective as traditional endurance training at improving anaerobic capacity, but it is still a worthwhile workout to do if you’re short on time.

How it can help improve V02 max

30 30 interval training can also help improve your Vo2 max. Vo2 max is a measure of the rate of oxygen consumption you can manage in a given time period.

By doing 30 30 interval training, you’re able to increase your oxygen uptake, which will improve your Vo2 max.

The more oxygen your body can use, the longer you’ll be able to ride at a high intensity.

Interested in some actual science? This research by the National Library of Medicine outlines the benefits for both anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

30 30 interval training – the basics

Here are some basic instructions on how 30 30 interval training works:

  • 30 30 interval training is 30 seconds of high-intensity cycling, followed by 30 second of rest.
  • For the 30 seconds of high intensity biking, ride as hard as you can. 
  • After 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds by decreasing your intensity and slowing down until you reach a leisurely biking pace. Sounds obvious, but you should measure both the 30 second bouts and the 30 second rests. The rest is never long enough. 
  • Repeat multiple times in a row, according to your fitness level. You can work your way up to include more in each set you perform. 

How hard should you go?

When cycling at a high intensity during 30 30 interval training, you should be in your ‘high intensity’ of heart rate zone 6 or 7, ie being close to going flat out. 

There’s a great saying about intervals. If you’re not close to throwing up at the end of a session you haven’t done it right. 

Your rest intervals should be in your ‘low intensity’ zone. This is the level of intensity at which you can still hold a conversation.

How will high intensity training improve your cycling ability?

30 30 interval training will help you cycle at a higher intensity, which will increase your aerobic capacity. This means 30 30s can both improve endurance and speed.

It will allow you to recover quickly before the next 30 second high-intensity bout. 

How should I start?

When you’re first starting 30-30s, keep the 30 second high-intensity bouts short and sweet.

This type of training improves over time as your fitness level increases, so working your way up is best.  Gradually increase how hard the 30 seconds of high-intensity cycling is.  This will give your body time to adjust and won’t overstress you to the point where 30 30 interval training is no longer effective.

If you’re new to 30 30 interval training, it’s best to start with fewer 30-second intervals and gradually work your way up as you improve. You can either increase one 30 30 interval at a time, or you can increase the number in your set.

Tips for getting the most of out your 30 30 sessions

When you’re performing 30-30 interval training, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your session:

– Make sure you’re biking at a high intensity for the 30 seconds of high-intensity cycling. This means going all out and pushing yourself to your limits.

– If you want to do sets. Take a 3 minutes of rest between sets. This will allow your body to recover before starting the next set.

– Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your 30 30 interval session.

– Eat something light after your workout.

30 30 interval training is an intense workout, so it’s important to take care of your body before, during and after.

At/ Overs – Zwift’s take on 30 30s

zwift at overs
At Overs

Zwift has a 20 minute workout called at overs. The workout is based on the rest set based on your FTP and the main interval set higher than that.

What’s the view? Well, it’s quite a tough workout. But because Zwift uses power to measure effort it is not going to be a full effort.

Just my view of course. 

Rouvy – 30 second intervals

Rouvy 30 sec intervals
Rouvy 30 sec intervals

Rouvy’s version is more like a traditional version of the workout.

Like Zwift, it’s based on a 265w FTP. So you can see the top end goes to 400w – pretty close to an all out effort over half a minute.

In summary

30 30 interval training is a great way to improve your cycling performance. If you’re short on time or don’t have the money for expensive equipment, or a Zwift account 30 30 interval training is perfect part of your training plan. 

It’s also an effective workout at any fitness level because it allows you to cycle intensely without overdoing it. 30 30 interval training is a good way to mix up your workout routine, and it can be done indoors or outdoors.

It’s also a great type of high intensity cardio that will improve your aerobic capacity. 30 30 interval training develops endurance and energy. You can start this 30 30 interval training workout at any fitness level because it builds over time.


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