Elite Direto X review

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Written By James Quilter

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Are you looking for a smart trainer that is reasonably accurate, mimics real-life climbs, and is reasonably priced?

Then you might want to look at the Elite Direto X. Alternatively, there is our round up of the Best Smart Direct Drive Trainers of 2020.

Both of these are mid-ranged trainers (sub-$1000) are from specialist smart trainer manufacturers. They can connect wirelessly via ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth. And it can be used with Zwift, Sufferfest, etc.

But how does it line up?

Elite Direto X

The Direto X is an update of the existing Direto direct drive trainer. It came out earlier this year.

Speaking about it, an Elite spokesman said: “Direto X was created to integrate our range of interactive bicycle home trainers with an even more accurate model for a product that was already among the high range of powerful and stable home trainers.

“The OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) gives the Direto X its high data accuracy while training – the innovative integrated power meter detects power output with +/-1.5% accuracy.”

Here is a nice description of this from Triathlete.com.

[OTS]measures torsion on the trainer axis with an optical sensor. Many power meters — including the old PowerTap — use strain gauges to measure torsion or deflection. The formula is straightforward, as torque times rpm equals power. Similarly, PowerTap hubs use strain gauges to measure torsion.

The benefit to the optical torque system, Elite claims, is that it is not susceptible to temperature changes. Strain-gauge-based systems need to be calibrated for temperature, either as a hard reset or in real-time during use. Read more…

Indeed, in our own overall review into Direct Drive Smart Trainers, the Direto X came off quite nicely in terms of accuracy. However, there are other stand out points.

Our thoughts on the Direto X

It’s hard to fault the Direto X. Against other trainers in this price range, it comes out well in terms of accuracy of 1.5%.

In terms of incline and power, it is also good news with a 2100w and an 18% incline.

Another area it does well on is weight – important if you want to take it to events etc. Here it weighs 15kg, making it one of the lightest around. On the downside, the bolt-on legs hamper this portability. Other downsides include issues setting the machine up.

However, for the price, this is an excellent trainer. Consider this, it is mid-range and yet it hit a gradient of 18%. That is not far of the highest of the high-end machines.

Then you factor in the accuracy. Although this is at the higher end of the mid-range, it is worth stretching the extra pennies to attain.

Compared to something like the Tacx Neo 2T – it is a good solid trainer.

Top benefits

  • Great accuracy – pro
  • 18% incline – pro
  • Power
  • Accuracy

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