Garmin Edge 25 Review – Compact but Clever

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Written By James Quilter

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Garmin has faced strong rivals in the realm of affordable devices. In this review, we take a look at the Garmin Edge 25 – the company’s answer to the lower end of the market.

Launched back in 2015, the Edge 25 is one of Garmin’s cheapest bike computer, just one above the Edge 20 in the range. It’s a move on from the Edge 200, but smaller.

For some compact is crucial.

And the Edge 25 is pretty small, measuring just 40×42×17mm, and weighing 30 grams including its mount. Four buttons on the 25’s sides control all the functions. It uses the same quarter-turn mounting system as other Garmin models.

Here’s the TurboCyclist take on it:

Basic functionality – it has what you need but not much more

For starters the Edge 25 is basically replacements for the Edge 200 budget unit introduced a few years back. It offered the basics like a gps computer, speed, and route recording. 

But it was without an ANT+ sensor or any way to connect/sync with your mobile. So this was an attempt to hit on to those points.

image_20200823_230046-946x1024 Garmin Edge 25 Review - Compact but Clever

In terms of the features. Here they are:

  • GPS route recording
  • Course navigation – but they must be created on Garmin Connect, not Strava
  • GPS speed and distance
  • Two data pages. Three fields are allowed per page
  • Goal-based workouts based around basic metrics like time
  • Records
  • Garmin quarter-turn mount – compatible with the usual Garmin mount
  • Battery life is around 8 hours
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • GLONASS capable GPS

Does the Edge 25 work with Strava and Garmin Connect?

Yes to one, no to the other.

As stated above, the Edge 25 needs the Garmin Connect service to load routes onto the device. Not great when many people are getting routes off of Strava.

It’s worth noting most Garmin products like you drop a file in the New File folder and the bike computer does the rest. So make sure you like using Garmin Connect. If you prefer Strava – tough.

The Edge 25 supports Bluetooth so it will connect to your phone. So you can upload completed activities immediately to Garmin Connect, which is pretty much how most Garmin products work. From there it goes on to Strava etc.

But there’s no support for Strava segments.

ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity and indoor cycling

The Garmin Edge 25 also has ANT+ connectivity. So you can use a cadence sensor, as well as upload/download ride data to Garmin Connect..

You can also link with your mobile to download rides and courses while connected to ANT+. Mobile connectivity on the Edge 25 also enables Garmin Live Tracking. So you can share your exact location – as well as ANT+ sensor data such as heart rate and cadence.

There are also text and call notifications. A distraction? Well, it’s your choice. 

Also, with the Edge 20 you can get basic list style coursepoint navigation. These can be downloaded via USB or Bluetooth.

From an indoor cycling point of view. It won’t connect with a smart trainer.

There are three data screens. The first has three fields and the second has two. You can add one more if you use Garmin Connect.

When it comes to ride data field display, you’ve got the following:

  • Page 1: Changable with three metrics
  • Page 2: Changable with two metrics
  • Page 3: Heart Rate (Beats per Minute) & Heart Rate Zone (Edge 25 only)
  • Time Screen: time and date

One thing, the Edge is very small. You’ve probably figured this out – but it is. It just about covers the mount – so the display fonts are limited.

There are just the four buttons to control it with. Understandably there is no touchscreen. However, the buttons work ok and are simple enough to get to grips with.

Is Garmin Edge 25 waterproof?

The Edge 25 has outside points that connect with a proprietary USB cable. Most Garmin’s have a rubber cover but this doesn’t.

Still, it is pretty durable with an IPX7 water-resistance rating. It can be immersed 1-metre deep water for 30 minutes without breaking the matrix.

So how does the Edge 25 work on the road?

The Edge 25 is an interesting little product – good for someone who just wants the basics. And for some people, that small size is going to appeal – especially the kind of person who looks at something like the 1030 as if it’s a mobile phone.

But it’s worth bearing in mind there are limitations to the Garmin Edge 25. In this day, when Strava connectivity is ubiquitous and we want those segment notifications, those limitations may become a pain point.

But then some of us want to spend more on the bike. And for measuring your ride and performance the Garmin Edge 25 does the job just fine.