Best Turbo Trainer Mats for Your Floor and Zwift

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Picture this: it’s 7:30pm and you’re in the midst of a Zwift race. You’re pedaling with all your might, desperately trying to keep up with the front group in the exhilarating first 5 minutes.

But you know something else is coming your way. 

There’s that dreadful vibration on the floor and you know you partner – who is just happening to be watching that programme you hate – is gonna come a knockin’. 


That’s where turbo trainer mats come into play. They’re designed to protect your floor, reduce noise, and enhance stability, forming a crucial part of the indoor cycling setup.

I’ve dedicated time to researching and physically testing various mats on the market to identify the best options that meet these criteria. 

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Top Turbo Trainer Mats

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ELITE Folding Trainer Mat

  • Material: polyester, anti-slip PVC
  • Dimensions: 70 x 35in
  • Recommended Use: indoor training
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Powr Labs Sweat Proof Exercise Bike Mat

  • 30x60 inches
  • 6mm thickness is designed to resist scratches
  • Its waterproof coating shields
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31afJC-6A2L._SL500_ Best Turbo Trainer Mats for Your Floor and Zwift

PedalPro Shock Resistant Trainer Floor Mat

  • Good size and thickness
  • PVC material, making it waterproof
  • Lacks branding​​
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41-SYmLjj6L._SL500_ Best Turbo Trainer Mats for Your Floor and Zwift

Wahoo KICKR Mat

  • Large size, catches sweat
  • Thick, minimizes vibrations
  • PVC material, waterproof/sweatproof
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31Ffs59mATL._SL500_ Best Turbo Trainer Mats for Your Floor and Zwift

CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Trainer Floor Mat

  • Heavy-duty PVC material
  • Effectively safeguards floors and carpets from equipment imprints and sweat
  • Provides ample support and vibration-damping
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Elite Trainer Mat

elite-mat Best Turbo Trainer Mats for Your Floor and Zwift

If you’re in the market for a solid mat that keeps your indoor cycling sessions clean and quiet, this is a strong pick.


  • Protects floors from scratches and sweat
  • Reduces noise and provides stability
  • Folds up for easy storage


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • Limited color options
  • Texture may hold onto dust and require frequent cleaning

When I laid out the Elite, its generous size was perfect for my indoor training setup. At 70 x 35 inches, it fit neatly under my bike and trainer, catching every drop of sweat, sparing my hardwood floors from any potential damage.

The mat’s material is both a blessing and a bane. While the polyester and anti-slip PVC ensure that my ride is stable and secure, it means I have to be diligent with cleaning. A quick wipe down post-workout keeps it in pristine condition, though it tends to hold onto dust given its texture.

One thing that I absolutely appreciate is how discreet the mat is when I’m not using it. It folds up compactly, allowing me to stow it away without hassle. Despite its higher price, for a user experience this seamless, I’d deem it a worthy investment in my pain cave. Plus, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. 


Mat-with-Peloton Best Turbo Trainer Mats for Your Floor and Zwift

If you’re searching for a durable mat that will keep your floors immaculate while cycling in the pain cave, this is the mat you need. 


  • Tailor-made at 30×60 inches, providing ample space for most trainers and indoor cycles, including Peloton and Wahoo Kickr.
  • The mat’s 6mm thickness is designed to resist scratches, ensuring both your bike and your floors stay protected.
  • Its waterproof coating shields your floors from sweat, an essential feature for high-intensity workouts.


  • Some users might find it thinner than expected, potentially leading to visible indentations from heavy equipment.
  • It is the smallest mat on our list.
  • May require some time to lay flat, possibly needing additional weights at the corners.
  • A slight odor upon unboxing, although it dissipates quickly, and won’t be an issue long-term.

Sliding this mat under my smart trainer, I noticed right away how snugly it fit. The 30 by 60-inch dimensions are absolutely spot-on for both Peloton bikes and standard trainers, making it feel like it was designed with my setup in mind. Not to mention, I could go all out during my spin sessions without worrying about the floor beneath me; this mat grips the floor securely with no slippage.

The build quality caught my attention—6mm of dense material that not only seemed tough as nails but also prevented any sweat from soaking through to the floor. Plus, the solid black design looks sharp and means it fits seamlessly into most home decors. It’s reassuring to see this mat bounce back to form after placing my turbo trainer on it; that kind of resilience speaks volumes about the materials chosen.

I recommend washing it by hand as per the instructions—it keeps it looking pristine. Though when it first arrived, I won’t lie, I had to place a few weights on the corners to flatten it out properly, but that’s a small concession for the protection it offers. There was also a slight smell initially, but it faded fast and wasn’t a dealbreaker. I’ve tested quite a few mats, and I can tell you, the POWR LABS mat stands out as a top contender for keeping my workout space spotless.

PedalPro Shock Resistant Trainer Floor Mat

pedalbros-mat Best Turbo Trainer Mats for Your Floor and Zwift

If you’re after a straightforward solution to keep your floors pristine while training, this might just be your pick.


  • Just-right size and solid thickness for everyday use
  • PVC material provides waterproof assurance
  • Compact enough to roll away when not needed


  • Less recognizable without popular branding
  • Not the most extensive option available
  • Basic design might not win over style seekers

After unrolling the Pedal Pro mat under my turbo trainer, I immediately noticed how its ample size and respectable thickness became a literal foundation for my workout routine. Not only does it have a solid presence that absorbs vibrations, but the water-resistant PVC material also means it holds back the sweat. 

The mat’s straightforward design sticks to function over form. While it doesn’t boast big-name branding or flashy graphics, I admire its minimalist approach—after all, fewer distractions mean more focus on my training. Moreover, it’s priced well, making it an excellent choice for those of us watching our finances alongside our fitness.

Storage is a breeze, too; the mat rolls up smoothly, sliding into tight spots out of sight. Its practical design fits well in my small space, and I find that compromise worthwhile when considering the balance between utility and footprint.

So, if you’re like me, preferring substance over style and looking for great value, you won’t go wrong with this mat. Its performance on the ground makes it a reliable part of your fitness gear, and its modest profile doesn’t clamor for attention—at times, less truly is more.

Kickr Companion Mat

wahoo-moots Best Turbo Trainer Mats for Your Floor and Zwift

When I first unrolled the Wahoo KICKR Mat in my workout space, it was clear its size would be more than enough to catch any sweat while giving my indoor setup a professional feel.


  • Substantial size provides excellent coverage
  • The mat’s anti-slip texture keeps equipment firmly in place
  • Works well to muffle noise during intense sessions


  • Premium price tag might not suit all budgets
  • Obvious branding could clash with non-Wahoo equipment
  • May require time to fully flatten after unboxing

Initially, the sheer size of the Wahoo mat impressed me. It dwarfed other options I’ve tried, providing ample room not just for my bike and trainer but also for additional exercises. When I set down my bike and got to work, I quickly noticed the difference in stability. The anti-slip surface was exactly what I needed to stop any drift during those vigorous sprints.

The noise reduction feature was not just a claim. The mat absorbed the vibrations from my turbo trainer, ensuring a quieter workout – a huge plus for early morning or late night sessions. My downstairs neighbors, who used to hear my every move, commented on the difference almost immediately.

But nothing is flawless. I won’t lie, seeing the ‘Wahoo’ logo stretched out on the floor felt a bit much since I’m all for a more subtle look. And the price might make you pause – it did for me. However, after weeks of rigorous use and seeing how well it performed under my indoor trainer, I’ve found value in the investment.

The mat claimed its space on my floor with pride, and despite a little struggle to get the edges to stop curling initially, it’s now lying flat and unobtrusive. My verdict? If you’re serious about indoor cycling and want a durable, noise-reducing, and sizeable mat that can handle the workload, the Kickr Companion Mat is a solid choice.

CyclingDeal Trainer Mat

HRUwu0SwO2xh8DoqIM8fLjSbVgyBMmOOnOkBTDGnHsIt7z5FDHTOeLUwV1Bx44CqV7emaOKG1EYBYMS5tLRjvlpOA2LfgIlpSBCuSG6vX3NGmbr-rmTxPb53I9D8Z4EulNmhT0-N2L_g2nsn-7tfGwk Best Turbo Trainer Mats for Your Floor and Zwift

After trying out the CyclingDeal Trainer Mat for my daily indoor cycling sessions, I’m convinced it’s a solid investment for protecting my floors and enhancing stability.


  • Heavy-duty PVC material that withstands intense workouts without slipping
  • Effectively safeguards floors and carpets from equipment imprints and sweat
  • High-density design provides ample support and vibration damping


  • A bit heavier than expected, making it less portable
  • May retain dents temporarily from heavy gear
  • Can have a noticeable new-material smell initially

Settling this mat beneath my spin bike, the first thing I noticed was the significant weight—it’s clear this isn’t your average flimsy mat. I could feel the high-density PVC adding a layer of protection and noise reduction that my hardwood floors appreciated during sprints and climbs.

Like the others, I was pleased to see no wet spots transferred to the floor—thanks to the mat being fully waterproof. This peace of mind allows me to focus purely on my workout intensity, not on post-exercise cleanup.

While it did hold impressions from the bike’s stabilizers, these marks faded quickly, restoring the mat to its original appearance. Though initially off-putting, the smell dissipating after a few open-window sessions is a small trade-off for such durable and effective protection.

Buying Guide

Vibration and Noise Dampening

When I’m on the hunt for a smart trainer, I first look for one that can absorb vibrations and reduce noise effectively. The mat should create a stable platform for the smart trainer and decrease the amount of rattle that can occur during an intense indoor cycling session.

  • Considerations:

    • Density of the material
    • Mat surface texture

Sweat and Water Resistance

I make sure the mat is sweat-resistant and easy to clean, because let’s face it, workouts get sweaty. A waterproof mat will protect my floors and make maintenance a breeze.

  • Features to seek:

    • Waterproof material
    • Ease of cleaning

Size and Thickness

Size does matter when it comes to choosing a mat. I take into account the space I have available and ensure the mat fits perfectly. Also, the thickness of the mat contributes to stability and comfort.

  • Key points:

    • Mat dimensions relative to available space
    • Thickness for comfort and equipment stability

Storage and Versatility

If storage space is tight, I’d look for a mat that can be easily folded or rolled up. I also consider if I can use the mat for other activities, such as yoga or as a comfortable surface when camping.

  • Storage solutions:

    • Foldable designs
    • Roll-up capabilities

It’s not about overthinking it, but rather focusing on my specific needs and space constraints. I pick what works best for me, striking a balance between features and practicality without getting swayed by unnecessary extras.

What To Look For In A Bike Trainer Floor Mat

There are two main reasons to buy a mat.

First off, the vibrations. The sounds these create can be quite unpleasant – especially if you are in a flat or have a hard floor. Floorboards can especially take a hammering.

Second, the sweat. We lose tons of salty liquid, not to mention sloppy energy drink. Thanks to gravity we know where it’s going to head. So let the mat take the brunt of it.

Last word – cost. Don’t spend to much on this. Just get one with a decent amount of thickness and is waterproof. Everything else is extra – depending on what you need.

Noise reduction and dampening vibration

Well, this really depends on what surface your dedicated turbo trainer is sitting on. But, especially if you are using a smart trainer, the chances are it is going to be pretty heavy.

Additionally, if you are riding on Zwift or Trainerroad, you will be putting a lot of power into that back wheel.

So if you are on a hard surface floor, like floorboards or even concrete, the job of a bike trainer mat is to disperse sound and vibrations coming through the legs of the trainer.

This is going to be achieved in a couple of ways. First, the type of material that is being used, and secondly it is how thick it is.

Many of these trainers reviewed here have a similar thickness. But this is worth bearing in mind if you are thinking of using something like a yoga mat to noise reduction and dampening vibration.

Lastly, remember that you are peddling around 80 to 90 rpm on average on Zwift. Whatever the resistance is in the trainer will transfer that power through the turbo trainer’s legs.

Sweat comes out of the body keep it off of the floor

Face it, the body is designed to remove heat in the form of that salty liquid that appears in your skin. Even with the best fan for indoor cycling, this will collect and fall downwards.

First off it’s important to keep it off your bike. The salt can cause big damage especially to areas that use bearings such as the bottom bracket or the headset.

A lot of it will fall on the floor. And you really do not want on your carpet. So protect the floor from sweat.

Good bike trainer mats will be designed to absorb or deflect that liquid as it evaporates. In most cases, a decent turbo trainer mat will be made from rubber or PVC.

Some include multiple layers, so it soaks in but it doesn’t sit on the surface. The rationale for this is that you will not have stinking sweat on your mat. This is probably good if you’re temporarily using a room in the house.

Lastly, although not strictly related to the material, try to pick a spin bike mat that has a non-slip pattern on it.

Make Sure it’s Big Enough for You, the Bike, and the Trainer

Size matters as they say. It’s not just about a base for the bike.

When it comes to buying a turbo trainer might consider how much space your setup takes. Many turbo trainers, especially the direct-drive models, use wide legs for stability.

Try getting something that is wider and deeper than the dimensions of the trainer and bike. It’s always good for getting on and off the bike. And again it also better collects all the sweat you lose.

One final thing, it’s nice to have a bit of space ranging around you – providing you have space to play with – it makes the setup feels more complete.

Mat Thickness

The thicker the exercise training mat, the more likely it is to protect your floor from sweat and unwanted sound and vibration.

The thickness of the exercise bike mat you should buy depends on the material. Generally, if it is around half a centimeter thick should be fine. Two thick and your kid will sink into it and it will feel like you are a rubber mattress.

Storage If You Need To Put It Away

Not everybody has the space to have a turbo trainer set out permanently. That is the case being able to store the night away is important.

Generally speaking, exercise trainer mats come in three forms of storage.

Firstly there is the rolling variety. As you might think is just a case of rolling out like you were carpet the only issue with that is that you need something to keep it in that state.

Then there are folding mats. These are a little less common but they are incredibly easy to store if a little bit hard on the budget.

Last, there is the tiled version of a trainer Matt. Here it fits together like a jigsaw again this is not something we would go for. Although they make good night territory mass they take too long to set up by our reckoning.

Non-Cycling Alternatives

So what’s the big deal? Bike trainer mats are surely just a case of a rubber sheet with some cushioning support.

Well, that’s not my case. But there are some alternatives that you can go for. Speaking personally I have actually used a yoga mat. But I was using a small Cycleops magnetic trainer. That mat and would not be suitable for the Tacx Neo I now use.

In addition, many people I know have used camping mats. But they simply don’t have the width you need – the mat just covers the length of your body so be prepared to spill some sweaty side.

I have also heard of people using kids’ play tiles. Action these aren’t too bad unless you have a problem with the colors that you get up. No one wants to cycle on something that is branded as Dora the Explorer.

Concluding Thoughts

Speaking personally, no pain cave is complete without a decent pain cave mat. Once you get one, it creates a bubble or space around you and the bike.

The key is don’t overthink it. It’s just about the space you have available and the surface. If you have specific requirements like folding for storage – that is covered here. Otherwise, play it simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re setting out to enhance your indoor training setup, the questions around which mat to choose can definitely stack up. I’m here to shed some light on the frequently asked questions so you’ll be equipped with the exact information you need.

What features should I look for in a mat when using it with a Zwift training setup?

When you’re gearing up for Zwift, you want a mat that’s going to be long enough to fit both your bike and trainer comfortably. Look for a mat with a non-slip surface to keep your setup secure, and enough thickness to protect your floors from sweat and reduce vibration. Waterproof or sweat-resistant materials are a bonus for easy cleaning.

How does the material of a trainer mat affect its performance on carpet?

The right material makes all the difference, especially on carpet. A dense, heavy-duty PVC or rubber mat can prevent your trainer from shifting during intense efforts. It also helps in protecting your carpet fibers from wear and compression. Thicker mats are also more effective at noise dampening, which is crucial if you’re living in a shared space.

Are there any professional-grade turbo trainer mats preferred by cyclists?

Indeed, professional cyclists often gravitate towards mats that have a reputation for durability and excellent vibration absorption. Brands like Wahoo and Elite produce high-quality mats that meet these criteria. These mats are designed to withstand the rigors of intense training and are often the go-to choice for those who train regularly.

Can you recommend a mat that offers both stability and noise reduction for high-intensity workouts?

For anyone pushing their limits, the Elite Training Mat is a standout. This mat not only provides a stable base that keeps your trainer from rocking, but its dense composition also significantly cuts down on noise — a double win for riders in shared spaces or apartment settings.