About Turbo Cyclist

large About Turbo Cyclist
Me – actually outside. I think I had just done the White Horse Challenge

Fed up with riding outside, hitting potholes and getting rained on to the extent your wheel rims regularly fill up with water?

And then there’s the cars…

This site is for people who ride in the safety of their own garage, home, front room, aka pain cave. Whether you are on Zwift, Trainerroad, Big Ring or whatever, this site is for you.

There might be other people writing posts but predominantly it will be me. I am a marketer (I work for one of the world’s biggest social media platforms) and I live for cycling. I prefer road but MTB is just fine too. 

What I am like as a cyclist?

Basically, I am an ok club rider, with an FTP bordering (but never quite getting above) 4 watts per kg. In short, I’m not some former competitive former semi-pro triathlete or anything close.

What I am is just like most other people, 35-55 and struggling with the pressures of a fulltime job to get in a bit of training and an edge on my mates. 

If you want to find out more about me then go here on Twitter. Or, even better, find me on Strava.